Pure Aloe Vera gel in the Leaf

Ancient Latin refers to Aloe vera as ‘the universal panacea’. Aloe vera’s beneficial properties are not a new discovery; in fact, ancient civilizations have been using it to treat various afflictions for centuries and now we use it in our natural and organic skincare products.

Today Aloe vera is extensively used in medicine too. It is prevalent in medicines used to treat constipation, heal burns and lower blood sugar levels. Skincare uses of Aloe vera are common in anti-wrinkle treatments, sunburn relief ointments and natural organic skincare products. The chemical structure of Aloe vera allows it to penetrate into 7 layers of the skin and deposit the abundance of vitamins it contains. It helps your skin look healthy and flawless. 

Here are a few ways Aloe vera helps you to make your skin look and feel just right.

Acne Treatment

Aloe vera contains traces of salicylic acid, which is quite potent in the treatment of acne and acne scars. Aloe plants also have anti-septic properties that eliminate bacteria that cause acne, and can make great remedies for breakouts. 

Pure Aloe vera is used in the manufacturing of anti-acne soaps, toners, facial creams, and other natural skincare products. People prone to acne are advised to use an aloe-based cleanser as well. Organic Aloe Vera’s Soap Bar and Absolute Organic Facial Wash are ideal for use in your daily natural skincare regime, and will keep your face acne-free and your skin healthy.

Remedy for Wounds, Burns and Skin Conditions

Ayurvedic medicine relied on aloe vera for healing, burns and wounds for centuries. In fact, Aloe vera is the only herb that is also widely used in Western medicines. Research has proven that topical application of Aloe vera can help accelerate the wound healing process, due to its properties. 

Natural Aloe vera juice or pure Aloe vera gel helps heal burns faster than other conventional treatments. It has a cool and hydrating texture and can also soothe hurt or burnt skin.  Organic Aloe Vera’s Pure Aloe Vera Juice is perfect for application on skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and burns.

Great Moisturiser

Aloe vera is a fantastic natural skincare moisturiser and It is loaded with various minerals, anti-oxidants and vitamins. All of these work to strengthen the skin’s protective layer, and retain moisture in the skin. 

Besides feeling refreshing on the skin, aloe vera also has properties that help fight the appearance of wrinkles and ageing . Replace your moisturisers with Absolute Organic’s Moisturizing Day Cream and Absolute Organic’s Nourishing Night Cream, to keep your skin protected.
While it cannot be argued that Aloe vera has incredible benefits for the skin, it is advised to be cautious. Pure Aloe vera-based products can irritate some people’s skin and cause an allergic reaction. Do a patch test on a small portion of your skin to ascertain if it’s safe for you to use it. If it is, go ahead and enjoy ORGANIC ALOE VERA’s range of natural and organic skincare products and include them in your skincare regimen for glowing skin.